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Have you heard of Re_Purposeful?  Have you attended the event before?  If you said “no” to either question, and you find yourself to be a “crafter” you just might want to SAVE THE DATE of August 25th and 26th of 2017 in your calendar!

Re_Purposeful began in 2014 with like-minded interior designers seeing endless amounts of ‘craft’ materials being thrown away, to sit for the rest of eternity.  I heard of the event when it first began, and as a self-proclaimed hobby crafter, I found this very sad and new that these materials deserved to be rescued.  So now here I am with the committee, with my 3rd event approaching this August.  Each year since conception, Re_Purposeful keeps collecting materials from interior designers and industry from around the state and keeps giving them away for FREE to anyone who is willing to put them to good use!

We never know what kinds of materials are going to be donated and what kinds of materials attendees will take home w

Aside from the much-anticipated event, Re_Purposeful takes a whole year of planning and strategizing from the committee.  The committee spends countless hours sorting the donated samples into similar material piles, creating marketing materials, signs, giveaways, t-shirts to identify the committee, and so many more tasks!  There are literally hundreds of hours put into the planning of this event, and it’s all from the goodness of our hearts.  Our main mission for the event is to give away as much as we can, to as many people, crafters, homeowners and community organizations as we can within the 2 days of the event.  We love hearing the inspiring stories, seeing the jaw-dropping projects and interacting with people who understand why we ‘do what we do.’

Now, if you’re a crafter and have never attended Re_Purposeful before, please don’t miss this once-a-year event!  We truly cannot wait to meet you, help you find some treasures and hear your story!  We will see YOU on August 25th or 26th of 2017!

– Callie Rutherford

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