Donate Your Materials Here

We are part of Non-Toxic Environments, an educational non-profit. As designers, we saw discontinued materials in interior design offices, with product representatives, and in design showrooms, with nowhere to go. Often, these materials were getting tossed into the landfill. So we collected them, and partnered with the GDC/Building For Health in Waukesha, WI, who stores the materials and hosts the event.

The first year we collected 10,058 pounds of material, the second year, 28,606 pounds. This last year we collected 50,000 pounds! That’s a total of 89,000 pounds! And we certainly can’t wait to see what’s in store for our future numbers.

What do we do with it? We give it away for FREE to our community! Our event, Re_Purposeful, invites teachers, non-profits, artists, crafters, and anyone else who can put these materials to use to come and take the materials. In our first two years we were able to divert 90% of the material from landfills, and will store the rest for the following years. We’ve seen everything from quilts to children’s school art projects being made out of the materials we’ve managed to collect. There’s nothing better to us than seeing someone’s face light up when they’ve thought of or created truly unique items from materials that would’ve normally been thrown to the side.

What do those materials look like? Carpet tiles, wood samples, small and large tiles, fabric swatches, large pieces of fabric, vinyl tiles, and lots more! Some of this comes as full matching pieces, some of it is really, really random. But someone’s creativity can always find a way to use it all, from the one piece of broken tile, to the binder the carpet samples were in!

We are so proud of this event and we’re not stopping anytime soon…we have big plans!

Drop Off Locations

Green Design Center  

RBC Childcrest